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If you are the more in depth and hands-on developer, explore our extensive collection of writeups on the payLIVE API, SDKs, Shopping Cart plugins.

Check it out API Document

The 1-button donation addon

Finish your integration in half our benchmark time - 1 Hour

This is the easiest way to start raising funds for your idea or cause. It is an amazing 1-file non-intrusive addon that you can get up and running in under an hour even without prior PHP or mysql experience. Simply download this package and extract to a folder on your server, update the Slydepay merchant configuration and database configuration! Its that simple.

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Debugging and Support

We understand very well how frustrating it is to hit a snag. This is why we painstakingly create frictionless integration artifacts. But this is not to say you cannot get into trouble. If you do, not to worry, get help the way that’s most comfortable for you.


Read our Integration Troubleshooting Guide


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